Care and Cleaning

It is the responsibility of the buyer, or end user, to ensure that the correct cleaning method is used. Please refer to the manufacturer's recommended cleaning instructions for your fabric. If you require advice please contact Thorngate Upholstery & Curtains who can advice you on the correct cleaning process.


FADING - All fabrics will fade after a time. To prolong the fabric's colour keep furniture out of direct sunlight.
FIXED COVERS - These should be regularly cleaned with a soft brush or gently vacuumed. To remove dirty patches use a special upholstery shampoo, following the maker's instructions. Do not use bleach or strong detergents. For multi-coloured fabrics use a dry cleaning fluid. Always do a test patch on the underneath, or an edge, before commencing any cleaning. Please get professional advice for stains.
LOOSE COVERS - Cleaning instructions must be carefully followed. It is normal for furnishing fabrics to shrink after washing by up to 5%. Shrinkage can be usually regained by pulling to shape and ironing the damp fabric while gently stretching it at the same time.


FIXED LININGS AND SEWN-IN HEADERS - Do not attempt to wash curtains as this will result in distortion. We recommend dry cleaning only.
SHRINKAGE - Curtains can shrink by up to 5% after washing. Dry cleaning will cause less shrinkage.


The following information is for guidance only and Thorngate Upholstery does not accept responsibility for damage to the fabric by the cleaning process.
It is important to clean spills and stains as soon as they occur. Remove any solids with a blunt knife or mop-up any liquid with kitchen towel or a clean cloth.